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RFQ's & Tender Exercises

Let Us Reduce The Costs In Your Business By Undertaking Requests For Quotations On Your Behalf

Reduce The Costs In Your Business By Undertaking Professional RFQ Exercises.

Cultiv8 Business have a wealth of experience in managing RFQ (Request For Quotation) & tender exercises across a number of category areas spanning several industry sectors.

We will spend time reviewing your specific requirements, identifying and pre-qualifying potential suppliers, developing robust specifications and tender documentation.

The key in any RFQ is the level of detail provided to those interested parties in order that they can provide the most accurate of proposals.    We ensure undertake all of the leg work for you.

Once we completed the pre-tender process, we then work with the suppliers to provide quotations on time and in enough detail that allows a deep and detailed analysis.   

When we have the quotations back from the suppliers, we then dive right into the detail qualifying the responses and analysing the results.   We then go through a qualification process with each supplier to determine if they are suitable to fulfil the requirements of the RFQ.   We then provide a detailed report and recommendation of the suppliers, the relative strengths and weaknesses and detailed price comparison.   Let us help you reduce your costs. 

We have a solution to help your business...

Our RFQ Services Will Ensure That You Can Make Informed Decisions About Your Supplier Base And The Costs You Pay In Your Supply Chain.

Before we speak to any supplier, we work with you to fully identify the specification of your requirements.  This is a detailed document which helps suppliers to fully understand what it is you need.  Whether it is a service or the supply of materials and goods, we will develop your specification which will ensure no stone is left unturned.

Following that, we seek to assess the market place in which your services or materials are operating in and who the key suppliers are.  We make a full assessment of suppliers that we believe will be able to satisfy your needs.  Its those that we have a degree of confidence in that, we then invite to a pre-qualification stage (effectively seeking their expression of interest in the RFQ process).

Its at that stage that we then have a preferred list of suppliers who will be asked to quote for your business formally,.

We act as the go between if you wish, dealing with the questions and further info that suppliers may ask.   Once that's done, we can get the supplier proposals and we undertake a deep analysis of those proposals sifting out any suppliers that don't hit your requirements.

The final part of the RFQ process is to provide the analysis of the financial bids, along with the relative strengths and weaknesses of each supplier, making a final recommendation to you.

Tired Of Getting The Same Old Results?

Suppliers Taking Advantage Of You?

You Don't Know If You Are Getting Value For Money?

Want To Reduce Your Costs?

  • Document preparation including identification of your specification, and development of formal tender documents.

  • Current market place assessment including key suppliers.  Identification of preferred suppliers based on your criteria

  • Supplier pre-qualification ensuring we use the most appropriate to your needs

  • Issuing of tender documents and management of responses & questions

  • Tender response analysis and bid assessment, proposal and recommendations

  • Negotiation and contract development.  Tender award

  • Get In Touch & Let Us Tell You How We Can Help Reduce The Costs In Your Supply Chain

  • Dedicated RFQ Service

  • Formal Document Development

  • Tender Process Management and Evaluation

  • Recommendations & Negotiations

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