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What Is

Business Coaching?

In the same way that top performing athletes or senior business executives hire coaches to help them drive performance, so do business owners such as yourself.

Coaching exists for many reasons;

Health and well being

Weight Loss, that’s exactly what Slimming World offers – Group Coaching

All sorts of sports

Senior Leader and Executive Director coaching

Lifestyle coaching and personal development

Singing, acting and performing

Team Leader development

The Value in Business Coaching

Business coaching has been around for many years but is now becoming more popular as business owners and entrepreneurs realise the value in working with a first class business coach. It’s important to think of the value that a coach will bring to your business and not in an employed way. 

In the same way that top sportsmen and women will always seek out the top coaches in their field in order to excel, you too need a Business Coach if you wish to excel in your business. Your Business Coach will hold you accountable, demand results, push you, cajole you and also be there to congratulate you on a job well done!

Business Coaching enriches the knowledge of the business owner and works actively to encourage their ongoing learning and development. We will simultaneously develop you whilst developing and growing your business to see outstanding results. A great business coach will not only motivate the business owner but will listen and gain a deep understanding of their business in order to quickly get to the root of the businesses challenges. They will challenge the business owners thinking and endeavour to open their minds to new ways of working and a wider world of opportunity.

Cultiv8 Business 1-2-1 Coaching Programmes

A Cultiv8 Business 1-2-1 coaching program accelerates business results, frees time up for the owner and enhances lifestyle. We provide a guarantee to further support confidence in our services. It’s not unusual for business owners to see an increase in +60% profit within 12 months and business coaching will help you deliver that level of improvement.

We won't take you on unless we are convinced we can help you significantly increase your profits.  We commit to working together, to identify increases in your companies performance which far outweighs the level of the fee that you would be charged for our 1-2-1 coaching program. Its important for the business owner to see the service as an investment in your companies growth and not a cost.  Your business coach will work with you over several sessions a month in order to work on actions to drive your business performance and profit enhancement.

"Business Coaching is not for everyone and the Business Owner must be open minded if it is to work to their benefit"

Your Business Coach will seek to understand your key business challenges and will has many tools and techniques to help you overcome such challenges.

Cultiv8 Business will only take on clients who have a desire to improve and are open minded. You wouldn’t expect Andy Murrays coach to work with him if Andy did not make a commitment to work on practising his performance in between coaching sessions. This sounds ominous but its not, ask yourself the question; “Am I open to making change in my business to allow me to work ON the business and not IN the business?” If the answer to the question is yes, then you’re an ideal candidate to work with a Business Coach. 

Your business coach will help you see the wood through the trees and will give you the confidence to make the right path through those trees.

Working ON your business and not IN it!

Reasons to work with a coach.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to be working in their business and not taking a wage or in fact taking out less than the average paid colleague.

They often start their business having a great knowledge of how to provide the service or product which their business sells, typically something they have done as a trade or profession prior to establishing their venture.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they can run a successful business. Many owners struggle with the challenge of running a profitable venture which delivers on their initial lifestyle goals.

Well that’s where a business coach will help you. Working to help you develop your skills in business management whilst developing action plans to drive business growth, and therefore financial freedom and prosperity.

Consider working with a Business Coach if...…

Your business is not as profitable as you would like and you are at a loss as to how you can improve this.

You are barely scraping a wage and working far too many hours

You cant remember the last time you had a holiday or any time off to relax

Your business is merely a job and not giving you financial or personal freedom

Your business is doing well but you recognise you need help to take it to the next level

You need help to improve your sales and marketing

You need someone to confide in, who will help you find the way. They will cajole you, drive you, support you and listen to you

You need someone to help you find solutions to your business problems quickly

What Can Business Coaching Do For My Business?

  • Our proven methodology has been used by thousands of businesses to grow profits significantly within a relatively short space of time.

    Our Business Growth FORMULA will help you focus on the key areas of your business which generate profit.

    Making small improvements in each element, business owners can see increases of 60%+ in profit.

    Coaching is not consultancy, there is a difference.

    Our programs teach, support and Cultiv8 the business owner to achieve the results they desire.

    Dedicated 1-2-1 coaching allows the business owner to learn along with developing their own knowledge of business and business improvement.

    It's about having standardised processes in place that are built to cope with your business growth. It's about making sure your teams are aligned to your vision & that they are the best that they can be. It's about making sure that your business works as a unit which allows you to enjoy the rewards of having the business in the first place.

    Our Coaching Programs Will Help You Transform Your Business

    There are two key factors that a Business Coach will deliver for your business. 

    1. Your personal development, financial and personal freedom and cementing plans for your future

    2. Your Business growth and development, including profit growth, team development, systems and process improvement, sales and marketing development.

    We work with you to develop the key indicators in your business which will help us start to have clarity about where you business is now. We will use these key indicators to test and measure a number of changes in your business to understand what works well and what doesn’t. We will work on a plan to improve these indicators which will help drive an initial 60% targeted improvement in your profit. Yes, 60%+. By making a 10% improvement in each of these indicators, we will exponentially increase your profit. This will be far in excess of the fee for our program.

    Giving you time back to be able to work ON your business and not IN your business is a key activity in the early stages of our program. Identifying systems and processes that will allow you to free up your time on mundane, non value added tasks is key. We will help you do this.

    But its not just about profit, we want to develop you and your learning. Enriching your knowledge about business will help you in the future. We are not a consultant who rocks up, gives you a load of ideas, gets paid and leaves. We work with you to ensure your business gets results. You will learn, you will learn a lot. Skills that will stand you in good stead for the future.

    We not only develop your skills, but we will also facilitate training with your teams if that is required. It’s important that your staff are on board with you with your businesses vision. We will be there to help you create a vision and goals in order to get you the financial and personal freedom you desire. We will work with you to help ensure that your teams are supporting and working to your vision.  

    So, in short.  We will help you develop yourself and your business into a venture which makes more money, creates more value and fulfills the vision you once had

    Learn how we can help you without any obligation

    We will conduct a complimentary diagnostic session for you which will let us both explore the opportunities in your business.

    Your Complimentary Session Will.....

    • Diagnose Your Business

    • Share Our Methodology

    • Evaluate Willingness to Change

    • Define Future Profit Potential

    We will undertake a brief assessment of your business at your free session where we will identify the key focus areas.  After the session you will have learned how we can help you to grow your business by over 60%.  

    We will explore the mindset of successful business owners and discuss your desires to grow.


    We will review the opportunity to develop your business and assess if this program is for you including a review of potential future profits.


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