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Generate A Constant Stream Of Leads..

Grow your sales & profits and increase the value of your business with the Cultiv8 Business online programme

Here's what you get when you buy our quick start online programme..

  • 9 CORE ELEMENTS: During the Fast-Track Launch Workshop you’ll discover the 9 CORE ELEMENTS and as soon as you apply them to all your marketing tactics and strategies, you’ll dramatically improve the number of leads and sales you get. And if you control the number of leads and sales coming into your business... you control the growth of your business. It’s that simple. You'll get an overview of each Core Element during the workshop with immediate and full access to them via our online course.


  • PROVEN TACTICS & STRATEGIES to Give You Fast Growth... We partner with 'The Core Asset' one of the world's leading business growth coaching and consulting organisations to deliver the Fast-Track Launch Workshop and the Growth Club content. Every tactic and strategy is designed to give you everything you'll ever need to generate more leads, more sales and more profit from new and existing clients.

  • No risk. Fully Guaranteed

    30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with what you learn in this programme.

    Free special bonuses if you join us today.

    Get more leads, increase sales, accelerate your growth and improve the value of your business... The Online Growth Club Programme Gives You Everything You Need To Grow Your Business Quickly & Cost Effectively

  • Over 9 hours of video tutorial giving You A Comprehensive Overview Of The 9 'Core Elements' Guaranteed To Grow Your Business

  • Online Access To Over 350 Pages of Simple Step by Step Implementation Templates For Each Of The Core Elements

  • Free to apply tactics and strategies, does not require any additional investment in your sales & marketing.

  • Limited time offer, 4 additional special bonuses

  • Join The Programme Today...

    This Online Growth Programme Gives You Everything You Need To Grow Your Business Quickly & Cost Effectively

    Here Is What You Will Learn With This Leading Sales & Marketing Online Programme

    Curriculum is packed with tools, techniques and strategies to drive significant improvements in your sales and marketing activity and increase your return on investment.

    Welcome & Getting Started

  • About Cultiv8 Business & Core Asset

  • Programme Overview

  • Introducing The FORMULA and CORE ELEMENTS

  • The Power of Exponential Growth & The Profit Equation

  • Growing Your Business Quickly

  • How To Grow Your Business

  • Using the Step by Step Playbooks, Checklists & Templates

  • How To Measure Your Achievements

  • Your Key Performance Indicators

  • The Fast Track Workshop


  • Increasing Your Leads & Sales Conversion

  • Target Market

  • Identifying Your Target Market

  • Creating The Profile (Avatar) Of Your Target Market

  • Tailoring The Message For Your Sales & Marketing Strategies

  • The Differentiator

  • Your Businesses Uniqueness

  • Creating Your Differentiator

  • Crafting & Communicating Your Differentiatior

  • Headlines

  • Headline Templates

  • Testing Before You Launch

  • Format Of Headlines

  • Irresistible Offers

  • Offering Something Your Customers Desire

  • Stimulating Interest In Your Offer

  • Communicating The Offer

  • Social Proof

  • Credibility Builders

  • Communicating & Sharing Your Social Proof

  • Features & Benefits

  • Features List

  • Crafting Benefits & Order Of Importance

  • Call To Action

  • Summarising The Offer

  • What Happens Next?

  • Guarantees & Reasons Why

  • Guarantee The Promise

  • Rationale

  • Punish The Business

  • Putting It All Together

  • Scientific Marketing Makeover

  • Marketing Piece Analysis

  • Next Steps

  • 5 Steps To Freedom Model

  • Systemising Your Business

  • End 2 End Business Transformation, Putting LEAN into Your Business

  • World Class Materials

    Step-By-Step Documents Make It A Cinch For You To Apply Each Tactic

    All the tactics and strategies in your membership site are supported by 'paint-by-the-numbers' type videos, documents, easy implementation plans and checklists, making sure you apply each growth tactic successfully and easily into your own business.

    Tactics That Cost Zero To Apply...

    Perhaps the most significant aspect of this programme is that the tactics and strategies of the 9 Core Elements, cost ZERO to apply to your business. Every strategy and tactic is also both proven and sustainable.

    Examples Of The Step By Step Content That You Will Get As Part Of This Course

    Every Tactic & Strategy Comes With 5 Pieces Of Content, Making It Easy For You To Implement And Transform Your Results...

    Step By Step Guides

    Every element comes with a detailed step by step guide that you can use to walk through and apply the principles to your own marketing

    Easy To Use Templates

    Easy to use templates which you can use to apply the principles of the FORMULA and CORE ELEMENTS to your marketing and sales materials.

    Reminder Checklists

    These checklists will ensure that you have followed the process correctly and that you haven't missed anything, further ensuring your success.

    Workshop Video

    Every element of THE FORMULA and CORE ELEMENTS begins with a Core Asset workshop video which takes you through the logic and reasoning behind the particular topic.

    Workshop Notes

    Each workshop is accompanied with the slide presentation so that you can walk through in real time..

    Module Quizzes

    Every Modules Comes With A Very Quick Quiz At The End To Ensure Your Understanding

    Apply The Growth Tactics With Ease Using Our Unique 'Success Formulas'

    As standard, each tactic and strategy comes with step-by-step and easy to use guides, checklists and one magic ingredient that you won't have ever seen before... a SUCCESS FORMULA

    Developed over many years of testing, grueling analysis and too many mistakes we care to mention, the Success Formulas are the 'building blocks' for every growth tactic and strategy. By breaking them down into smaller elements it makes it super easy for you to create and apply them to your own business. It's never been easier to get results.

    Just by Transforming your existing Lead Generation, Conversion and Value of Each Customer each by a mere 13% and then adding more tactics and strategies to give another 13% improvement results in an increase of over 100%. That’s the power of the formula!

    $149 (£119)

    Sign up today and get all of this for a one time payment of $149 (£119). In addition to the online programme, if you sign up today we will give you our special bonuses below, absolutely free

    • Bonus #1, Your own copy of Business Is A Science book

    • Bonus #2, Your own hard copy of Business Is A Science Manual

    • Bonus #3, Scientific Marketing Makeover on a piece of your own marketing

    • Bonus #4, Monthly copy of our improvement newsletter

    Sign Up Today...

    You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with our Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the materials and information supplied in this programme within 30 days then we will give you a no quibble 100% refund. Simply return the materials to us and we will instantly credit you with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.. We are absolutely 100% confident that you will grow your business with this programme.

    Bonus #1

    Your very own hard copy (not a digital download) of our book, Business Is A Science - The Proven Formula For Transforming Your Sales & Profit. Sent out to you within 24 hours of you joining the programme

    Bonus #2

    Your very own, hard copy 260 page A4 manual & workbook including all of the playbooks, templates and checklists you need to grow your business -- fast.

    Bonus #3

    When you have completed the online programme, we will offer to undertake a complimentary Scientific Marketing Makeover of a piece of your advertising / marketing. We use the science of the formula to provide you with feedback on the effectiveness of the piece of marketing you ask us to review. We usually undertake this for £297 but we are offering a free makeover to you for joining today

    Bonus #4

    You'll also get the 'Business Is A Science' improvement journal every month. This includes more of the world's best performing business growth tactics and strategies and normally costs £97.00 per month - sign up today and get this special bonus absolutely free for 12 months.

    Get All Of This When You Join Our Programme Today

    Start to grow your business right now by using THE FORMULA and CORE ELEMENTS. Learn exactly how to do it with our online training programme and supporting playbooks, templates, checklists and step by step instructions.

    Online Training Programme

    Over 9 hours of video tutorial taking you through how to apply THE FORMULA & CORE ELEMENTS in your business.

    Scientific Marketing Makeover

    We will undertake a free Scientific Marketing Makeover on a piece of your marketing/sale material of your choice. We provide analysis on how strong your marketing material is and what you can do to make it better..

    Business Is A Science Monthly Journal

    New tools, techniques and strategies every month in this 12 page journal. Simple low or no cost activities you can undertake in your business each month.

    Business Is A Science - Hard Copy Book

    Business Is A Science - The Proven Formula For Transforming Your Sales & Profit, your very own copy of the book which our online programme is based.

    A4 Manual & Workbook

    Over 260 pages of playbooks, step by step instructions, checklists and templates that you can use to transform your marketing and sales strategies.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you sign up today, you get our unique 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked if your not completely happy.

    One Time Fee $149 (£119)

    Get all of this today for the one time fee of $149 (£119). Get instant access to our unique online programme now and start to invest in growing your business.

    • Over 9 Hour Of Online Training

    • Templates, checklists & playbooks included in hard copy manual

    • Hard copy of our new book, Business Is A Science

    • Complimentary Scientific Marketing Makeover By One Of Our Growth Experts

    Secure Order

    Purchase in confidence via our secure servers. We never sell, share or distribute your details.

    30 Days Guarantee

    30 day money back guarantee, no quibble..


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